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CloudBees provides an enterprise Continuous Delivery Platform that accelerates the software development, integration and deployment processes. Building on the power of Jenkins CI, CloudBees enables you to adopt continuous delivery incrementally or organization-wide, supporting on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.
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Where in the World is Jenkins? - November 2014

Tue, 11/04/2014 - 12:01

CloudBees employees travel the world to a lot of interesting events. This month the Bees are busy. If you are attending any of these November events, be sure to connect with us!

  • W-JAX'14 Business Technology Days, München - 4th until 6th of November 
    As the leading conference for enterprise technologies, agile methods and software architectures, the W-JAX offers a program that is unique in its theme and experts density. In more than 180 sessions, workshops and keynotes the W-JAX deals with a wide range of current and future-oriented technologies such as Java and Scala, Agile development models as well as modern and efficient enterprise architectures.Together with the accompanying Business Technology Days this event gives IT professionals from companies in all industries the decisive impulses for digital value creation and innovation. You can visit the website for more information and to register.

  • Continuous Lifecycle 2014 Conference Mannheim – 10th of November The continuous Lifecycle Conference is dedicated to integrated concepts, processes and tools of Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Agile ALM. Attendees will for instance learn about how to use Continuous Delivery correctly, testing, change management and about the practical implementation of DevOps methods. The Conference is intended for software developers, software architects, administrators, project leaders and IT strategists. Last year’s edition of the continuous Lifecycle Conference was quickly sold out, so this year it will be held in the bigger congress center Rosengarten in Mannheim. There will be high profile keynote speakers, full day workshops, a panel with proven experts and much more. If you want to be kept informed about the further progress of the conference click here. To register click here and for more information click here.

  • AWS Re:invent Las Vegas – 11th until 14th of November Join the largest gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community at AWS re:Invent 2014. Whether you are an existing customer or new to the cloud, you will leave AWS re:Invent with the knowledge and skills to refine your cloud strategy, improve developer productivity, increase application performance and security, and reduce infrastructure costs. You will gain deeper knowledge of AWS services and learn best practices with unique insights from real customers. Choose from 200+ technical sessions covering architecture, operations, security, and more. There will also be technical boot camps, self-paced labs and hackathons. For more information, to watch the after movie from the re:Invent 2013 and to register you can visit the website.

  • Breakfast briefing: “Making DevOps Happen” - 12th of November 
    Join us at this breakfast briefing at The Royal Exchange in London to hear from Stephen Thair (DevOpsGuys), Helen Beal (Ranger4) and Wayne Collier (CloudBees) about how to get started with DevOps and how to give yourself the best chance of success. Learn how DevOps takes innovation to market faster, drives Continuous Delivery and how it delivers real, measurable results. To register and to have a look at the agenda visit the event page.

  • CD Summit Washington D.C. – 19th of November The last CD Summit of this year will be in Washington D.C., so IT executives and technologists who could not attend to the other CD Summits make sure you’re there. Come join an impressive group of continuous delivery experts to explore how you can increase quality and much more. You will learn how to make evolutionary changes to people, processes and technologies to achieve the benefits of continuous delivery and agile. . There will be eight speakers, four in the executive morning and four in the technical afternoon, from various technical related companies and of course from CloudBees. For more information and to register just click here.

  • CI and CD Across the Enterprise with Jenkins Webinar - 19th of November
    Delivering value to the business faster thanks to Continuous Delivery and DevOps is the new mantra of IT organizations.  In this webinar, CloudBees will discuss how Jenkins, the most popular open source Continuous Integration tool, allows DevOps teams to implement Continuous Delivery. You will learn how to orchestrate Continuous Delivery pipelines with the new workflow feature, scale Jenkins horizontally in your organization using Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees and how to implement end to end traceability with Jenkins and Puppet and Chef. Click here for more information and there is a limited registration, so don't wait!
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Another Look at the Jenkins Promoted Builds Plugin

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 03:00
I discussed the Jenkins Promoted Build Plugin in a few recent blog post, when talking about the QA Process and Beta Test Distribution for mobile apps, where I gave a simple scenario of how it could be used to help control the testing lifecycle for application builds.  I happened to run through this with my friend Andrew Phillips from XebiaLabs, and he suggested some improvements to that scenario that I thought people might like to see, so I reworked the online example to illustrate those ideas.  Thanks also (as always) to Kohsuke Kawaguchi for his help and suggestions.  By the way, if you are interested in this and other enterprise-scale features of Jenkins, then please join Andrew and I for a XebiaLabs and CloudBees joint webinar on Wednesday November 7th: Setting up Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Enterprise and DeployIt.  

For this scenario, we have four Jenkins jobs, two which are "owned" by the developer and two which are "owned" by QA and Release Management.  The developer pushes code changes to a Git repository  and that triggers the initial build job (cuckoochess-android): this job has a build promotion configured (Release to QA), which depends on a successful build/test plus a downstream build (cuckoochess-android-matrix) that checks for compatibility with older versions of the Android SDK.  As far as the developer is concerned, he or she is really only interested in the outcome of the initial app build/test but until the downstream multi-configuration test build completes, the build isn't ready to go for QA review so the Promotion Status shows like this:

Once the downstream matrixed build(s) run successfully (and in reality we would expect to see a range of other tests including automated functional and touch tests), the build is automatically promoted and is ready for QA review and the Promotion Status now looks like this:

The remaining two build jobs are managed by the QA and Release Management teams: these are gated by a second build promotion (CuckooChess QA Approval).  A third Jenkins job (cuckoochess-android-QA) is triggered by the Release to QA build promotion, like so:

and the only qualification (in this example) is a manual approval by a named QA reviewer, which is configured like this:

The QA reviewer would usually want to look at unit test results, code coverage and quality metrics reported by tools like JUnit, Cobertura/Emma, Android Lint or one or more of the many code quality tools supported by the Jenkins Violations Plugin.  Many users probably prefer to have as much as possible of this quality and test coverage checking automated using Jenkins and it is common to set thresholds that must be achieved before a build can be accepted.  You can see an example of how to configure this sort of reporting for an Android build here, described in more detail in this blog.  Either way, the cuckoochess-android-QA job will show its Promotion Status like this, until a manual approval is given (by logging on to Jenkins, viewing the build and clicking Accept):

Once the QA reviewer is happy and the manual approval has been given, then the QA Approval build promotion will run, which in this case triggers the final build job (cuckoochess-android-release) which pushes the approved build to Zubhium for beta test distribution as described in the earlier blog.  The final build promotion status of the cuckoochess-android-QA job is now:

The final piece of the puzzle is how to ensure that the build that finally gets pushed to Zubhium for beta testing is the right one: we need to make sure that the application archive that goes out contains the exact bits that were built by the original cuckoochess-android job.  The way to configure that is by using the Jenkins Copy Artifacts Plugin to get the .apk application archive from the cuckoochess-android project, using a permalink to specify that we want the build associated with the most recent Release to QA build promotion.  That configuration looks like this:

Mark Prichard, Senior Director of Product

Mark Prichard is Java PaaS Evangelist for CloudBees. He came to CloudBees after 13 years at BEA Systems and Oracle, where he was Product Manager for the WebLogic Platform. A graduate of St John's College, Cambridge and the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, Mark works for CloudBees in Los Altos, CA.  Follow Mark on Twitter and via his blog Clouds, Bees and Blogs.

Follow CloudBees:

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Breaking Builds - No More Half Measures

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 05:04

OK, you’re a TV producer, and you’ve been charged with creating a spoof series based on “Breaking Bad.” But instead of making meth, your characters are going to make … software. 
What would the show look like? What kinds of jams would the characters find themselves in? Who’d play Walt?
Here at CloudBees we kicked the idea around and came up with our own concept that we trotted out last week at JavaOne and in a series of memes on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn. Our show is “Breaking Builds.” Our Walter White character is being played by everybody’s fanatically efficient, deviously stoic butler, Jenkins.
Now, follow along for a minute. The term “breaking bad,” according to, comes from the American Southwest – just like the show itself. The phrase equates roughly to the process of defying authority, skirting the edges of the law – just generally raising hell. In the TV show, Walt breaks bad in a big way. He drives his RV right along the edge of the law and pretty much makes a mess of everything around him.
In our scenario, “Breaking Builds” is a good metaphor for the anarchy that can manifest itself in the software development process. If something can go wrong in the software lab, chances are it will. Ask anybody in development or DevOps if they have ever broken a build, and he or she will probably have some pretty good stories to tell. Our character doesn’t cause the anarchy; it’s there already. His job is to make sure bad things don’t happen.
To keep builds from breaking in the real world, development teams can dial up Continuous Delivery by using Jenkins CI. Jenkins manages and controls development lifecycle processes of all kinds – everything from building to documenting to testing to packaging to deploying to analyzing software projects.
On our show, Jenkins is the star. He’s got Walter White’s bravado and the Jenkins butler’s work ethic. He is the one who knocks. He’s an expert in chemistry, ensuring that the "chemistry" in companies’ DevOps is pure. Walter White needs to cook; Jenkins needs to code. Walt and Skyler pile up cash; Jenkins keeps stacking up hundreds and hundreds of plug-ins for people to use to integrate Jenkins with their favorite technologies.
Let’s face it: Builds will break – if you don’t do something to head off problems. Continuous Delivery can make a difference. And there’s one character that knows how to make CD work.
This character is Jenkins. Say his name.

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Where in the World is Jenkins? - October 2014

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 17:27

CloudBees employees travel the world to a lot of interesting events. This month the Bees are busy. If you are attending any of these October events, be sure to connect with us!
  • DevOps & Continuous Delivery Event for IT Executives by Atos – 7th of OctoberThe quote: "You can't succeed in the future with the organization of the past." is the central idea in this seminar meant for IT executives who wish to improve their delivery efficiency and the alignment between their IT delivery and business objectives. More than ever before, development teams must connect with IT operations in a dynamic and ‘continuous delivery’ environment, using the right toolset in order to deliver faster, higher quality software to their business end-users at a lower cost. The Atos DevOps & Continuous Delivery event will present real customer cases and the tools allowing companies to deliver better quality applications faster. For more information and to register click here.

  • DevOps Days Chicago - 7th and 8th of October
    The DevOps days are all about bringing development and operations together. There will be a lot of interesting presentations for instance about how and why not effectively managing an organization's priorities is as damaging to a company's success as not trying to implement a DevOps culture at all. Next to presentations, this event also works with the open space concept. That is the simplest meeting format that could possibly work and is based on (un)common sense of what people do naturally in productive meetings. Prepare to be surprised! Click here for registration and more information.

  • CD Summit Chicago – 15th of October In this seminar for IT executives and technologists, you will learn how to make evolutionary changes to people, processes and technologies to achieve the benefits of continuous delivery and agile. Come join an impressive group of continuous delivery experts to explore how you can increase quality and much more. You'll see how to reduce errors throughout the pipeline and dramatically improve time-to-market for new features and applications with continuous integration with Jenkins. There will be an executive morning consisting of four speakers and a technical afternoon consisting of again four other speakers. For more information and to register, click here.

  • CD Summit San Francisco – 22nd of October This Summit in San Francisco will also be about how to make evolutionary changes to people, processes and technologies to achieve the benefits of continuous delivery and agile. The timetable of speakers will be the same as the Summit in Chicago except for a couple of small changes in speakers, but they will be talking about the same topic. To see the timetable, more information about the speakers and to register click here.

  • Jenkins User Conference - US West (San Francisco) - 23rd of October The Jenkins User Conference (JUC) brings Jenkins experts and community enthusiasts together for an invaluable day of Jenkins-focused learning and networking opportunities. Among other things, you will learn about the latest and greatest Jenkins technology, best practices and plugin development. Jenkins CI is the leading open source continuous integration server. Built with Java, it provides over 961 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project. By attending JUC, you join the community of Jenkins technologists dedicated to expanding their skills and moving the Jenkins platform forward. To buy tickets and for more information click here.

  • IC3: IT Cloud Computing Conference (San Francisco) - 27th and 28th of October 
    "IC3 gives you everything you need to automate IT and DevOps in the cloud". This is in short what the Conference is about. Attendees get vendor-neutral technical content, training and hands-on experience to take the industry (and their careers) to the next level. After you have seen the presentations, you can for instance participate in labs to immediately build what you have learned or network with peers from large enterprise organizations. To register and more information click here.

  • ZendCon 2014 - 27th until 30th of October 
    ZendCon is the place to catch up on news, float new ideas and share coding challenges with developers from around the globe. You can fill your days and evenings with sessions, tutorials, and networking time. There will be three great conference tracks: PHP Best Practices & Tooling, Continuous Delivery & DevOps and Application Architecture - APIs, Mobile, Cloud Services. For much more information about the sessions, tutorials, speakers and to register check out the Zendcon 2014 website.

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Migrating to Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees from Open Source Jenkins

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 18:49
Apparently a few of you have been wondering 'what is involved in moving from Jenkins OSS to CloudBees', and you're in luck: it's super easy! On a scale of difficulty, with 10 being quantum computing and 1 being writing 'hello world' in Python, it's probably a 2 or 3.

I won't bore you with too much detail (which can be found here), but if you're interested in making this migration, you have 2 options. The one you pick really depends on you and your needs:

Scenario 1: Your Jenkins version is an LTS version newer than the latest version on this list
In this case, you'll want to install our "Enterprise by CloudBees" plugin. Simply go to your Plugin Manager ("Manage Jenkins" >> "Manage Plugins") and go to the "Available: tab. Install the plugin by checking the box next to the "Enterprise by CloudBees" and selecting the "Install without restart" option.

After installing this "meta-plugin", you'll now need to go to "Manage Jenkins" and select the "Install Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees" menu option.

You'll now have the option to pick whether you'd like to install all of the plugins packaged as a part of the Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees offering or whether you'd prefer to just install the license for now. With the latter, you can choose which specific plugins you'd like to install later from your plugin manager.

Regardless of which option you pick, you'll see text updates appear on screen as the required steps are completed (adding the CloudBees update center, installing plugins, etc). 

Afterwards, you'll be prompted to input a valid license to continue.

If you've already purchased a license from someone in sales, simply select the third option ("I already have a  license key") and enter your license key + certificate here. 

If you haven't yet purchased a license, then you'll need to register for an evaluation here by selecting the first option and entering your name + email.

And that's it! Your OSS Jenkins master will now be a Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees master.

Scenario 2: Your Jenkins version is an LTS version older than the latest version on this list

You can either upgrade using the meta-plugin outlined in scenario 1, or you can install the Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees WAR with a compatible version number to the LTS version you have now - for example, you'd pick the Jenkins Enterprise 1.554 WAR if you're running OSS Jenkins 1.554.

Once you download the WAR, you would just need set its JENKINS_HOME to be the same as the JENKINS_HOME your OSS Jenkins is currently working from and then run it.

Once you run the WAR, any plugins in your existing OSS installation's JENKINS_HOME will be updated to the version bundled with the Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees WAR.

Alternative installation options
  • openSUSE users can run:

sudo zypper addrepo jenkins
followed by
sudo zypper install jenkins
  • Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS users can download an RPM package by adding the key to their system:
sudo rpm --import
Then adding the repository:
sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jenkins.repo
Then installing Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees:
sudo yum update
sudo yum install jenkins
  • Ubuntu/Debian users can install Jenkins Enterprise as a Debian package by adding the keys to their system:
wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
Then adding the repository. If you have already added open-source Hudson/Jenkins as a repository, be sure to remove it to avoid Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees from being overwritten by them:
echo deb binary/ | 
sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jenkins.list
Then installing Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jenkins
  • Windows users can download a ZIP file from here and execute the setup program inside, then access their instance at http://localhost:8080.

Scenario 3: Your Jenkins version is an LTS version older than 1 year OR is not an LTS version

You'll need to upgrade to an LTS version that is less than a year old and then follow either of the above instructions.
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Continuous Delivery - The Real Deal

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 15:43
 CD Summit

Continuous delivery (CD), a methodology that allows you to deliver software faster and with lower risk, is a topic that is gaining foothold in startups like Choose Digital and Neustar, and in enterprises like Cisco and Thomson Reuters. CD enables companies to accelerate innovation, move faster than the competition and finally allow IT to quickly meet the application needs of the business.
We have just completed our second set of CD Summits in London and Paris to packed houses, including a standing room-only event in London. The word is getting out that our summits are the place to learn about CD: they provide a full day of education for executives and technologists that covers the people, process and technology aspects of continuous delivery. Additionally, our partner sponsors provide a unique view on how various tools for testing, infrastructure provisioning and application deployment fit together to create a toolchain in support of the CD pipeline.
Next up in our CD Summit series are Chicago on Oct. 15th, San Francisco on Oct. 22nd and Washington D.C. on Nov. 19th. Please consider joining us for a day that you will find well worth your time.
Here is what people have had to say about past CD Summits:
“These summits are very impressive. The scope of presentations covers all of the important aspects, and the technology presentations cover much of the pipeline. “- Kurt Bittner, Forrester Research
“This summit was fantastic. Thanks very much.” - New York City attendee
"The London summit was full, so I traveled to Paris, and I'm very glad I did." - Paris attendee           
“I need the slides to show my boss.” – London attendee
We start off the morning of each summit with an executive-level presentation discussing the business benefits that can be realized by CD. We then have presentations covering the people, process and technology impacts of CD. You’ll hear about real world examples of CD in action by enterprises that are actually transforming their practices. For example, at the upcoming Summits, Choose Digital will present in Chicago, Cisco in San Francisco and both Thomson Reuters and Neustar in Washington D.C.
Here’s an example agenda:
8:00  Registration (includes continental breakfast)9:00The Business of Continuous Delivery - Kurt Bittner, Forrester Research9:45Orchestrating the Continuous Delivery Process - Steve Harris, CloudBees10:30Break11:00Three Pillars of Continuous Delivery: Culture, Tooling & Practices - Andrew Phillips, XebiaLabs11:45Achieving "Fast IT" With Continuous Delivery - Nick Pace, Cisco Systems12:30Lunch (provided)14:00Jenkins for Continuous Delivery - Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CloudBees14:30Accelerating Application Delivery with Continuous Testing - Peter Galvin, SOASTA15:00Break15:30Automating Infrastructure - Gabriel Schuyler, Puppet Labs16:00Successfully Implementing Continuous Delivery - MomentumSI16:30Continuous Delivery in the Real World: From Jenkins to Production - Mario Cruz, Choose Digital17:00Panel: Ask the Experts17:30Reception: Continuous Beer Delivery

During lunch, attendees have the opportunity to speak with other attendees and our expert presenters on a topic of their choice. After lunch, we kick off the afternoon session with Jenkins Founder Koshuke Kowaguchi discussing the use of Jenkins for CD. After the Summit and during the social hour, our partners, including XebiaLabs, SOASTA and Puppet Labs, will all discuss how to automate the software delivery pipeline. As well, you’ll be treated to breakfast, lunch and an evening reception.
Join us in ChicagoSan Francisco or Washington D.C. for an event that is not to be missed.
See you there!
André Pino

André Pino is vice president of marketing at CloudBees. 

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