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Integrate Ranorex Tests in andagon’s ALM tool aqua

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 10:40

Guest blog post by Stefan Büssemaker, Innovation Manager at andagon GmbH

This blog post will illustrate the interaction between Ranorex and the application lifecycle management solution aqua.

In a few simple steps you can expand your Ranorex test cases with the powerful ALM tool aqua.

What is aqua? What is ALM?

aqua is an ALM (=Application Lifecycle Management System), which is a software product to control and manage IT projects in one solution. aqua is based on five pillars:

  • project management for initialise, planning, controlling and finalising projects
  • requirement management for document requirements, analyse risks and control changes
  • test management for manual and automated software tests
  • defect management for preventing and minimize the impact of bugs
  • reporting to summarise the state of developing process


Requirements, tests and defects are clearly structured by visually hierarchic structure for a comprehensible traceability. aqua is intuitive and easy to use, because it is based on the Microsoft look and feel environment, which everybody knows of products like Microsoft Word.

All components can be specified by attributes for uniform documentation. Test cases can be parameterized with test data for manual and automated tests. Automated test scripts expand test cases with tools like

  • Ranorex: functional record and replay test automation tool
  • JMeter: non-functional load and performance tool
  • SoapUI: functional web service testing tool
  • Databases: for checking database queries
  • Shell: for executing Unix commands


Moreover an agile board is available for working in an agile scrum developing process.

The integrated report module allows the management to create customized reports from the current state of developing process within a few seconds.

The Integration of Ranorex in aqua? And what is an Agent?

Ranorex is completely integrated in aqua, which gives the testers more opportunities to work with Ranorex.

A Ranorex automated test script is stored behind a documented test case in aqua, which represents the abstract functionality.The test case is expandable with other automated test scripts or manual test steps.

This automated test case can be executed by aqua on a distributed pool of agents. An agent is a simple program which bidirectional connects aqua and Ranorex Runtime together on a distributed operating systems.

This results in several advantages.

  • the tester’s desktop is not blocked while test case execution
  • the duration of execution can be divided by the number of agents
  • scripts can be automatic connected with a documentation
  • test cases can be specified and bundled for test management
  • adjustment of test scripts can be distributed to different testers
  • best workload of agents is ensured of aqua


With this functionality of aqua it is possible to bundle selected test cases dynamically into test scenarios for Regression Tests of Unit Tests, Feature Tests, Smoke Tests or Acceptance Tests.

This allows to faster receive the actual quality condition of the system and find bugs early after implementation. With the traceability of test cases, requirements and test cases are easier to review and further to find duplicated or obsolete bugs. The results of executed tests are stored historically in aqua.

Reporting with aqua

In aqua you have two possibilities to report the actual state of the developing and test process.

On the one hand you have a real time dashboards like pie charts, burn down charts or column charts, which can be customized for your needs.

On the other hand you have the possibility to create a customized report with even more details.

You can, for example, summarize your status of all test cases which are connected to all requirements in one sprint or release. Summarized you have the possibility to track your development project in real time and can compile key figures with one click.


Aqua and Ranorex are a great combination between automated functional testing and test management.

It is very easy to expand your test framework with requirement management and defect management.

The test framework scales with the number of test cases and number of testers, which helps to control the testing process quick and easy. The time of monitoring and reporting will be reduced as well as the duration of test cases.

For more information please have a look at the following video:


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Newly Supported JS Frameworks

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 11:51
Ranorex 5.2 introduces support for many web development frameworks based on dynamic content.

Start automate testing your web applications based on java script frameworks like OZONE Widget Framework, Sencha ExtJS…

Download Ranorex 5.2 now…

Upgrade for free with your valid subscription (You'll find a direct download link to the latest version of Ranorex on the Ranorex Studio start page.)
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Introducing Ranorex 5.2

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 14:37
We are pleased to announce that Ranorex 5.2 is now available for download!
This latest release considerably extends the object recognition capabilities of Ranorex for desktop, web and mobile application testing: out-of-the-box test automation for Qt applications on the desktop and in web environments as well as a lot of newly supported web development frameworks… and of course full support for iOS 8.

In addition to the newly supported technologies, the out-of-the-box robustness of the Ranorex Recorder has been dramatically improved.

Finally, the release Ranorex 5.2 introduces more smart and flexible custom actions, which means that different argument types for user code actions are possible. This is especially interesting as you can now pass repository items to user code actions – this of course enables powerful possibilities like providing a framework for smart test actions, defining generic technology independent get/set value actions, combining several related actions into one user code action, implementing complex validations and more!

For an overview of all the new features, check out the release notes.

Upgrade for free with your valid subscription (You'll find a direct download link to the latest version of Ranorex on the Ranorex Studio start page.) Newly Supported Web Development FrameworksWith Ranorex 5.2, the support for many new web development frameworks has been added (Yahoo User Interface Library, jQuery,, GWT, MS Dynamics CRM, ExtJS, Sencha, Ozone Widget, etc.). This brings web object recognition to the next level!
Out-Of-The-Box Support for Qt Full support for Qt for both the web and desktop environment is now part of Ranorex object recognition. Start your out-of-the-box Qt testing now.
Even Smarter Custom Actions Ranorex 5.2 introduces new parameter types for user code actions including repository items. There are so many potential uses, for example building up a whole generic test automation library that you can use in your test automation team or in performing complex validations. Think of the possibilities! Learn more about smart custom actions.
Full Support of iOS 8.1 Ranorex 5.2 comes with full support for Apple’s brand new mobile operating system. Save time by automating your iOS 8 apps.
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Microsoft Test Automation Workshop Powered by Ranorex and

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 14:33
Learn more about test automation using Ranorex in combination with Microsoft tools.

Interested in this three-day German-speaking intensive workshop?
For all the details, please have a look at the workshop info flyer…
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imbus AG - New European Service Partner

Tue, 10/14/2014 - 11:53
As we have rapidly grown our presence and customer base in Europe, we have also seen an increasing demand for Ranorex consulting and implementation services. To help meet this demand, we have the pleasure of announcing that we have partnered with imbus AG.

imbus AG
is one of Germany’s leading specialists for software quality assurance and test. With more than 230 employees at four locations, imbus supports companies and IT-users in verifying and validating complex and demanding software systems, as well as in the optimization of their software development processes.

For more information about imbus AG, please visit

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Ranorex is "ATI Automation Honors Runner-Up"

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 13:10
We at Ranorex are pleased to announce that Ranorex has been chosen as the "ATI Automation Honors Runner-Up" in the sub-category ".NET".

This is the fifth time that the Automated Testing Institute (ATI) has awarded the ATI Automation Honors to companies developing the best commercial functional automated test tools. These awards celebrate excellence in the discipline of software test automation.  

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Visit Ranorex at EuroSTAR 2014

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 11:11
Ranorex will be participating in the EuroSTAR Conference, which this year takes place in Ireland for the first time. Visit us at the Convention Centre in Dublin from the 24th to the 27th of November, 2014.
The EuroSTAR Conference is Europe's premier software testing conference. It has grown to become the largest and most prestigious event on the software testing calendar.

The annual conference takes place over 4 days with full-day & half-day tutorials, workshops and activities, dozens of track sessions, networking and community-building events, an interactive test lab and an exhibition.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Reminder for November Workshops

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 12:57
We are very pleased to remind you about our upcoming online Ranorex training course, scheduled for this fall.

Get firsthand training with Ranorex professionals and learn how to get the most out of Ranorex Studio at one of these workshops.

Look at the schedules for additional workshops in the next few months.
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andagon GmbH - New European Service Partner

Thu, 10/02/2014 - 10:30
As we have rapidly grown our presence and customer base in Europe, we have also seen an increasing demand for Ranorex consulting and implementation services. To help meet this demand, we have the pleasure of announcing that we have partnered with andagon GmbH.

andagon GmbH is a well-established player in the DACH region for software quality assurance, test automation and test management. Andagon does offer a high-competitive product and service portfolio including consulting services, professional services, its own ALM solution named aqua and innovative cloud-based testing services.

Since 2009 andagon works deeply together with Ranorex providing test automation services from enterprise customers to startups and training services. All of its 60 test specialists do have a high expertise in using Ranorex and delivered solutions to customers in many different projects. For more information about andagon, please visit
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Ranorex 5.1.3 Released

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 10:59
We are proud to announce that Ranorex 5.1.3 has been released and is now available for download. General changes/Features
  • Added support for Firefox 33
Please check out the release notes for more details about the changes in this release.

Download latest Ranorex version here.
(You can find a direct download link for the latest Ranorex version on the Ranorex Studio start page.) 

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Last Chance to Participate: Take the Customer Experience Survey Now

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 09:30
The Ranorex Customer Experience Survey 2014 is closing on the 6th of October, 2014.

Please take this opportunity to let us know how you use Ranorex within your test initiatives projects by participating in this survey.

You can rest assured that the information submitted will be kept confidential.

The survey should only take about 4 minutes to complete – and your participation may save you time in the future when working with Ranorex!

Give us your feedback...

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Visit Ranorex at Better Software Conference East 2014

Thu, 09/25/2014 - 10:00
Ranorex will be at the Better Software Conference East 2014 in Orlando, Florida on the 12th to 13th of November, 2014.

Discover the Better Software Conference East and you’ll become a better, more informed software professional with an outward, customer-focused view of development, with 100+ learning and networking opportunities:
  • Keynotes featuring recognized thought-leaders
  • In-depth half- and full-day tutorials
  • Concurrent sessions covering major issues and solutions
  • Pre-conference training classes
  • The Expo, bringing you the latest in software development solutions
  • Networking receptions, breakfasts, networking breaks, and lunches included
  • A full-day to explore unique challenges at the Agile Leadership Summit
We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

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Visit Ranorex at Software-QS-Tag 2014

Wed, 09/24/2014 - 11:49
Last year´s Test Software-QS-Tag has been a great success for us and we will once again be exhibiting at the upcoming Software-QS-Tag on 6th to 7th November, 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Time to market is the dominant competitive factor. How can companies deploy even better software in less time? And what is the role of optimally organized software testing and quality assurance in this context?

The Software-QS-Tag 2014 analyses which challenges must be faced by the companies in question. It shows how they, their teams and members with the ongoing process of change and adaption. Organization models and best practices for testing and QA are presented.

It would be great if you can take the time to visit our conference booth and discuss your experiences with software test automation as well as the innovations that you would like to see in the future.

We look forward to seeing you in Nuremberg on 6th to 7th November, 2014.
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Visit Ranorex at Software Test Professionals Conference 2014

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 10:00
Ranorex will participate in the Software Test Professionals Conference at Denver, Colorado from 3rd to 6th November, 2014.

The Software Test Professionals Conference is the leading event where test leadership, management and strategy converge.
The hottest topics in the industry are covered including agile testing, performance testing, test automation, mobile application testing, and test team leadership and management. 

Attending this conference will help you meet your professional career goals and give you the opportunity to
  • improve your software testing techniques
  • find the latest tools
  • discover emerging trends
  • develop new or improve existing processes
  • network and gather with other high-level professionals
  • and gain industry insight you won’t find anywhere else.
Don't miss the session "How Manual Testers Can Break into Test Automation" presented by our own Jim Trentadue.

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Visit Ranorex at PNSQC 2014 in Portland, OR

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 10:20
Ranorex will participate in the 32nd annual Pacific NW Software Quality Conference in Portland, Oregon from the 20th to the 22th of October, 2014.

The Conference is considered a “must attend” event for quality professionals, software product managers, consultants and test managers.

Interact with software testing experts and learn from over 60 speakers presenting solutions, successes and issues facing software quality. Topics include:
  • The Fab Experience: How to Appreciate Process 
  • This Would be Easy if it Weren’t for the People
  • How Do I Get Started with Mobile Testing?
  • Effective Security Testing
  • Success through Failure: How we got Agile to work on a Distributed International Team

Come to our booth and learn more about Test Automation with Ranorex. See how to make your automated testing more effective and get answers to your questions directly from Ranorex professionals.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth!

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"Why Test Automation Fails - in Theory and in Practice"

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 13:00
Jim Trentadue, Ranorex Test Automation Professional, will present the session "Why Automation Fails – in Theory and Practice" on the 1st of October (3:00 PM), 2014 at SQTM in San Diego, CA.


Challenges in automation which testers face often lead to subsequent failures. Learn how to respond to these common challenges by developing a solid business case for increased automation adoption by engaging manual testers in the testing organization, being technology agnostic, and stabilizing test scripts regardless of applications changes.

Learn Jim Trentadue’s explainations of a variety of automation perceptions and myths.
Don’t miss his session! 
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"How manual testers can break into automation without programming skills" presented at SQTM 2014

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 11:10
Ranorex will be at the International Conference on Software Quality and Test Management 2014 in San Diego, California on the 1st of October, 2014.

Jim Trentadue, Ranorex Test Automation Professional, will present the session "How manual testers can break into automation without programming skills" at the SQTM 2014.

"Practical – Proven – Feasible" is the conference's running theme. Centering on the success stories of experts and practitioners, the SQTM is the only conference that focuses on advancing the test and quality management professions.

SQTM provides practical methods based on Best Practices in the following areas:
  • Test Management
  • Test Automation Strategies
  • Mobile Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Requirements Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Defect Prevention
  • Team Dynamics and Collaboration
  • Inspections and Review of All Lifecycle Artifacts
  • Risk Models
  • Effort Estimation

Come to our expert's session on the 1st of October, 2014 (9:00 - 9:50) and learn how to make the jump as a manual tester and focus on the right areas first such as automation test structure, object recognition and results interpretation.

Don't miss the session presented by Jim Trentadue!
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