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Latest news from Ranorex
Updated: 5 hours 38 min ago

Ranorex 5.4.1 with Firefox 40 Support

19 hours 21 min ago
We have great news for all cross-browser testers: Ranorex 5.4.1 with support for Firefox 40 has been released and is now available for download! Upgrade to the latest version of Ranorex and enjoy trouble-free Web test automation. Here are a few of the changes and new features:
  • Added support for Firefox 40
  • New highlighting icon for modules which encountered errors
  • Now you can define the transparency of test progress window
  • Updated apktool
  • Updated Qt support
  • More…
Check out the release notes for more details about the changes in this release.

Download the latest version of Ranorex.
(Direct download link for the latest version is on the Ranorex Studio start page.)

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September Workshop Reminder

Tue, 08/25/2015 - 15:50
This is a short message to remind you about our upcoming Ranorex training courses scheduled for September.

Get firsthand training with Ranorex professionals and learn how to get the most out of Ranorex Studio and the Ranorex Test Automation Tools at one of these workshops.

Look at the schedules for additional workshops in the next few months.
We look forward to seeing you there!!
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Great News – More than 100,000 Views for Ranorex's Automated Testing Video

Tue, 08/18/2015 - 16:05
We are happy to announce that Ranorex's automated testing video has already gotten more than 100,000 views. Thanks to all of our fans for your interest in Ranorex test automation software. How about 200,000 views? You can help by sharing the video or this page!

About Ranorex:
Ranorex is a software development company providing reliable test automation software – this innovative company is dedicated to fundamentally improving the quality of our customers' software applications. Thousands of companies, organizations and education institutions around the world make use of Ranorex's comprehensive test automation suite.

Ranorex is based on standard programming techniques and languages. It offers cost-effective test automation solutions for multiple environments, devices and applications and allows for automated testing of any desktop, web or mobile software. Ranorex reduces test automation maintenance and offers complete flexibility: out-of-the-box robust test automation, script-free testing for non-programmers, a professional API for C# and VB.NET. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing environments.
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Brand New Personal Certification Page

Thu, 08/13/2015 - 12:00
We have great news for all Certified Ranorex Professionals: There is a brand new personal certification page on the Ranorex website for verifying certification status; you can add a link to your email signature using the official " Ranorex Certification Email Banner ".

Have a look at our certification page for more information.

If you haven’t already done it, now is the best time to get yourself certified.

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How To Keep Your Firefox Web Tests Working

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 12:00
In the week of August 11, Firefox 40 will be released which no longer supports the add-in technology Ranorex is currently using. Therefore Ranorex is preparing a comprehensive upgrade of its Firefox extension to meet the new requirements.

To keep your Firefox web tests working with Ranorex please do not upgrade to Firefox 40 until Ranorex updates its automation extension. Please find detailed information  in our forum. Thank you!

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Neotys – New Ranorex Technology Partner

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 15:03
We are excited to announce our new partnership with Neotys, the leader in easy-to-use, cost effective stress and load testing tools for rich Internet applications (RIAs).

Since 2005, Neotys has helped over 1,600 customers in more than 60 countries enhance the reliability, performance and quality of their applications. The NeoLoad load testing solution for RIAs offers best-in-class capabilities, flexibility and efficiency with infinite scalability via the cloud while providing practical analyses and full support for all new technologies including HTML5, websocket, LCDS and RTMP. All this is backed by a dedicated team of Neotys professionals, providing services and support that ensures your success.

By collaborating with our new technology partner, Neotys, we are able to offer added value to our customers and expand the functionality of Ranorex so that it covers even more of your needs. Ranorex is joining with Neotys to meet the increasing demand for efficient and reliable testing tools worldwide.

We are looking forward to a great partnership with Neotys. For more information about Neotys, please visit .
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Image Validation Enhancements for Reporting

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 15:52
With Ranorex 5.4, several image validation enhancements have been introduced. You can now log the similarity of two compared images to the report. Additionally, you can log the difference between target and actual presentation in separate image difference maps. The result: image validation made even easier.

Have a look at our brand new blog post " Enhanced Features of Image Validation " for all the details.

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Enhanced Features of Image Validation

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 14:56

This blog post will show how to use the image validation enhancements for your test automation projects introduced in Ranorex 5.4. As you can read in the news post here, it is now possible to log the similarity as well as the difference image of two compared images.

Image Validation Test Automation

For image validation there are many purposes in test automation. You can for example add a test case to your recurring automated website tests checking whether the correct logo is displayed in the header area.

This example will be used to show how to work with the new feature.

The Initial Situation

For testing purposes we will compare the logo of the Ranorex website with another version of it. To make the situation more tangible, here are the two concrete examples:

This is the correct header logo:


And this is another version of the logo:


As you can see, especially the shadings of the Ranorex symbol are different. The goal is to log the exact variance of the images in the report of the test case. Additionally, screenshots with details about the areas which do not resemble should be logged, too.

Setup of the Ranorex Project

The basic structure of the test project is as follows:

Validate Images

In the SETUP part of the test case the browser is opened. To make sure the header image is visible, the EnsureVisible() Invoke Action is called.

In TEARDOWN the browser window used for the comparison is closed.

This is the CheckHeaderImages recording:

Enhanced Features Validation

It consists of one action: A CompareImage Validation.

In the “Screenshot Name” section the screenshot showing the differing image is chosen.

The “Repository Item” links to the repository item to validate. In this case it is the new (correct) header image.

Note: On the Ranorex website the image is actually a link. However, this is not a must-have. Every kind of repository item can be taken because a screenshot of the item is used.

Note: The size of the screenshot and the repository item need to be equal. Otherwise the validation will fail.

Enabling Enhanced Reporting Features

By default, no similarity degree is reported. This can be enabled in the properties pane. A left mouse button click on the validation action or the hot key <F4> opens the properties (by default the properties pane opens on the right-hand side of the window).

Compare Images

To log the exact similarity of the two pictures in the report, the “Report Similarity” option needs to be enabled. Setting it to “Always” means it will be reported for every test run, regardless of the result of the validation.

If the option “Report Difference Images” is enabled, images showing the actual differences in the actual and expected images will be logged. In this particular case it is changed to “OnFail” which means the images will only be reported in case of a failed validation.

Results of the Test Run

As expected, the report generated when running the test case shows a failed module because the compared images are differing.

Let’s analyze the logs step-by-step.

Firstly, there is an error message saying the validation failed. The reason is that the screenshot of the repository item did not match the specified screenshot of the differing header image.

The error message now also contains the exact similarity of the two images (within brackets). A similarity of “1”, meaning 100 percent, is expected, whereas the actual similarity only reached approximately 99.39 percent.


The next two log entries contain the two images that were compared, as before Ranorex 5.4.


The new difference images feature can be seen in the final log message.


The left image shows the difference of both images in binary notation (black-white image): Black means the compared images are exactly the same in that area; a White pixel signals that the compared images differ at that spot.

The right image visualizes the quantitative difference between the compared images. The colors are computed by subtracting the color values of the two images and applying that difference to a grey image. The greater the color difference in the compared images is, the more colored the difference image will be, whereas Grey areas signal no difference at all.

The difference images can show you, where the actual differences are located.


In this blog post you learned how to use some of the more advanced features of the Ranorex Image Validation. The basic concept of the image validation stays the same, but by changing the properties of the action a lot of different logging options can be enabled.

Reporting the similarity of two images can often be useful, e.g. for fine tuning the similarity value within an image validation.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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Register for the Special Free Webinar "Transform a Manual Testing Process to Incorporate Test Automation" Starting Today at 4 PM CEST

Wed, 07/22/2015 - 11:20
Today (4 PM CEST) Jim Trentadue will present his session entitled "Transform a Manual Testing Process to Incorporate Test Automation".

Jim Trentadue explores what test automation professionals must do to be successful. These include understanding development standards for objects, structuring tests for modularity, and eliminating manual efforts.

Learn how to transform your manual testing procedures and how to incorporate test automation into your overall testing process. Take the chance and register now for the free webinar.
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Convert your Ranorex Report to PDF

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 14:59

This blog post will show how to use the ReportToPDF tool in order to convert Ranorex Report files into PDF. The platform independent file format allows you to share and distribute the generated reports very easily with people not having Ranorex installed.

Report to PDF

There is also a German version of this blog post available: Ranorex Report to PDF German
Please keep in mind that we assume no warranty or assurance with respect to accuracy, correctness and completeness of the translation. Special thanks to Andre Fischer.

Conversion of an Existing Report

The ReportToPDF executable is a command line tool, which allows you to convert existing Ranorex reports to PDF. The report must be passed to the converter in its compressed form, the so-called “rxzlog”. The “rxzlog” is a single archive (“.rxzlog” extension) including the report and all associated files. More information can be found in the Additional Report Settings section of the Ranorex User Guide.

Using the following call, you can execute the ReportToPDF tool from the command line:

ReportToPDF.exe <input file> <output file> /<argument>

The input and output file need to be set, whereas the arguments are optional.

<input file>

Sets the file (*.rxzlog) which is converted.

<output file>

Sets the name of the PDF file.

Allowed arguments:

style: Sets a custom stylesheet

detail:Specifies how much information is shown within the generated PDF:

  • none: no module actions are shown
  • failed: only actions from failed modules are shown
  • all: all actions are shown (default value)

For example:

PDF Console

Note: When executing a ReportToPDF tool from command line the return value ‘0’ signals a successful execution and the return value ‘-1′ signals a failure.

On-The-Fly Conversion during a Test Run

The ReportToPDF tool is, besides his existence as a command line tool, also available as a DLL (Dynamic Link Library). The Ranorex.PDF.dll allows you to convert the Ranorex Report into a PDF file at the end of a test run. For convenient usage a Ranorex CodeModule (referring the DLL) is available allowing to convert the report with a few clicks.

Steps to be done:
  • First of all, you need to reference the Ranorex.PDF.dll within our Ranorex project.
    This can be done by opening the “Add Reference”-dialog (References -> Add Reference) and adding the DLL.
    You should now be able to see the referenced DLL in the reference list in the project view pad.
    Added Library
  • As a next step, you need to set the target framework of the Ranorex project to .NET Framework 4.0 or above. Therefore open the “Compiling”-tab within the project properties (Project -> Properties).
    PDF NET Framework
  • After setting the desired .NET Framework you are ready to add the predefined CodeModule “ReportToPDF.cs” to your project. Open the “Add -> Existing Item”-dialog and add the aforementioned UserCodeModule.
    Add Code Module
  • As a last step, simply drag & drop the UserCodeModule to your Ranorex test suite, for example to the teardown section.
    Add Module to Test Suite

The “ReportToPDF” code module will trigger the conversion of the report at its current state. A message, containing a link to the PDF file, will be logged to the report after the conversion finishes.

Report Entry

Note: The default filename of the generated PDF is the same as the Ranorex report filename but with a different extension (*.pdf).

Custom Stylesheet

Do you want to change the look and feel of your PDF report? No problem, just use a custom stylesheet in order to change various settings.

For example:

  • Specify a custom logo
  • Specify margins and indent
  • Specify fonts and colors
  • etc.

Style Sheet

Navigation within the Generated PDF

Each entry of the table of contents is a direct link to the specific test case or module.

Table of Contents Navigate

Once navigated to the test case/module, you can easily jump back to the table of contents using the link in the header (see screenshot below).

Navigate Back To TOC

Additionally, you can use the bookmark pane of your PDF viewer in order to navigate through the PDF

Navigate Back To TOC

Where Can I Get the ReportToPDF Tool?

The ReportToPDF tool is available as a standalone executable as well as in the form of a DLL.

Version 1.0.2 (July 31, 2015)
    General changes
  • ReportToPDF code module is no longer visible within the generated PDF
  • ReportToPDF code module is now placed at the very end of the report, independently of its position within the TestSuite
  • Errors which occur during the conversion are no longer part of the report. They are logged to the console instead
  • Fixed missing total duration
  • Fixed bug for disabled “Collect screenshots in a subdirectory”-setting
Version 1.0.1 (July 20, 2015)
  • Fixed missing message content
  • Fixed PDF output path

The ReportToPDF tool allows both, converting an existing Ranorex Report to PDF using the command line as well as an on the fly conversion at the end of a test run.
Both ways can perfectly be integrated into an already existing Continuous Integration (CI) process. The PDF can easily be shared via mail and/or archived for later usage.

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Move to the Next Level: New UK Advanced Online Course

Thu, 07/09/2015 - 10:06
We are happy to announce that Edgewords – our UK Training Partner – has now added an advanced training course to its portfolio.

This 3 days advanced course introduces Ranorex users to coding and instructs them on how to further enhance their automated tests to maximize re-usability of code as well as providing insights into making test scripts more robust and reliable.

Advanced training course objectives:
  • Learn why one sometimes needs to code and where the code is written
  • Learn how to create and re-use common methods in automated testing projects
  • Look at how to introduce error handling into test scripts to make replay more reliable
  • Learn techniques for dealing with dynamic applications
  • See how Ranorex can be integrated in continuous integration environments for a more complete automated approach
Additional information can be found in the course description .

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our advanced classes! Here are some additional workshops taking place in the next few months :

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Introducing Ranorex 5.4 - Windows 10 and JavaFX/Java SWT Supported

Tue, 07/07/2015 - 10:03
We are pleased to announce that Ranorex 5.4 is now available for download! This latest release considerably extends the object recognition capabilities of Ranorex, including native support for Java SWT and JavaFx as well as support for Windows 10 apps and the new Microsoft Edge Browser. In addition to the object recognition enhancements, additional mobile non-UI actions for simulating GPS and enabling/disabling Bluetooth have been introduced. To better protect your confidential data, the new release of Ranorex allows users to mask sensitive content in the action table and in the report. That’s not all! We’ve also made improvements in image validation for reporting, added enhancements for mobile deployment, and much more… Download Ranorex 5.4 Upgrade for free with your valid subscription (You can find a direct download link for the latest version of Ranorex on the Ranorex Studio start page.) For an overview of all the new features, check out the release notes.    Support of Windows 10 Apps and Microsoft Edge Browser Support of Windows 10 Apps and Microsoft Edge Browser

The new version of Ranorex allows automated testing of Windows 10 apps including the brand new Microsoft Edge Browser, future-proofing your test automation.

Native Support of Java SWT and JavaFx

With Ranorex 5.4, native support for JavaFX and Java SWT based apps has been added. This brings Ranorex object recognition to the next level.

Native Support of Java SWT and JavaFx Non-UI Testing Updates Non-UI Testing Updates

Now it is possible to invoke additional technology dependent actions to better reflect real world scenarios. You can enable and disable Bluetooth as well as simulate GPS coordinates on your Android device to enhance location based mobile tests.

Protect Sensitive Data

Ranorex 5.4 introduces masking of confidential data (e.g. passwords) in the Ranorex Recorder as well as in the Ranorex Report – a step toward great safety when using Ranorex Recorder.

Protect Sensitive Data Image Validation Enhancements for Reporting Image Validation Enhancements for Reporting

With Ranorex 5.4, several image validation enhancements have been introduced. You can now log the similarity of two compared images to the report. Additionally, you can log the difference between target and actual presentation in separate image difference maps. The result: image validation made even easier.

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